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Do You Need a new Roof?

That's an easy question to answer if you are having an extension, a new porch, or a new garden building, but what about your existing roof? How do you know when it need replacing.

Many of us take our roof for granted, and don't bother to inspect it for signs of damage. It's only when the rain gets in, or the birds nest in the loft that we pay attention to it. And to be fair, tiled and slate roofs are designed to last a long time, but not forever!

Here are some of the signs that may suggest that you need to consider a new roof:-

Loose or cracked tiles or slates
Moss and algae on the roof
Cracked or missing poiting
Broken or rotten battens
Split roof felt

There is no doubt that a new roof is not cheap. However it may be more economical in the long term to have the roof replaced rather that continually patching it up when problems occur.

Here's the good news!
We'll come and have a look at your roof and give you friendly, honest, professional advice, without any pushy salesmanship. Click the link below to request a visit.

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