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Services / Roof Repair, Roof cleaning, Maintain, Chimney Repairs


  • Roof repair

  • Emergency repair

  • Chimney repair

  • Chimney cap

  • Lead flashing repair

  • Roof leak repair

  • Flat roof repair

Roof Repairs

Emergency services are available at WD Roofing. Warren is available 365 days a year, and he will do his best to get to you as soon as possible and start fixing the issue where its possible. 

A new domestic roof should have a life expectancy of 60 years. However maintenance is required during this period to ensure that your home is fully protected.

Storms and weather can cause tiles to slip or crack, and these should be replaced as soon as you notice them. The pointing on ridge tiles can crack and fall out over time, and this gives the perfect opportunity for birds and vermin to gain access into your loft area.

We know all about roof repairs, and have been doing them for over 15 years,
 we offer a professional and reliable roof  repair services all year around, throughout Buckinghamshire, Middlesex, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.Simply click the link below to request a visit, and we'll come and give you honest advice, and a quotation for any work that may be required.

Roof Cleaning

When you look at most roofs, they have varying levels of moss, algae, lichen, and general air pollution staining. It looks unsightly, and is not recommended for your roof in the longer term.

We offer roof cleaning and protection in two stages as follows:-

Removal of moss, algae, and lichen
Treatment of the roof with an anti fungal spray to minimise recurrance

If you would like us to come and have a look at cleaning your roof, please click the link below to request a visit online.

Lead Roof Work

WD Roofing offer all lead works including full lead roofs, dormer roofs, chimney lead flashings, back gutters, linings to parapet walls and valleys.

Chimney Repairs

WD Roofing offer chimney reconstruction, brick chimney repairs and total chimney rebuilds.

Your chimney, alongside your roof, bears the full brunt of everything the weather can throw at it, leading to signficiant wear and tear and moisture absorption which, over time, results in the need for repairs.

WD Roofing provides an expert chimney repair service designed to meet your requirements for repair, maintenance or removal of your chimney.

Common chimney issues we regularly encounter are:

  • Deterioration of the midfeather wall that separates each flue

  • Replacement of the cowl which sits atop your chimney and stops nests and infestations

  • Damage to external brickwork

  • Chimney no longer required.

Our chimney repair and removal services include everything from repairing lead flashings to complete chimney rebuilds. And to ensure that you have complete confidence in the work we carry out for you, we will take photographs of your chimney’s condition and explain the work that’s required.

If your chimney does need to be removed, WD Roofing can remove your stack brick by brick to below roof level. Thereafter, we re-felt, re-baton and tile over the gap.

Chimneys require special care and WD Roofing are experienced in dealing with the numerous issues that can arise.

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